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Purchasing a home is important, and the quality of service must be nothing short of the best. Homayra will take you through the process, step by step, and educate you on all available options so you can fully understand what it means to be in a buyer's or seller's market. She will lead you through every step of the financial transaction process from the beginning to the approval stage. Lastly, Homayra will remain by your side until you have moved into the home of your dreams, or have made a potential high-return investment.

Buying a property requires a multi-faceted expertise to make the transaction a success. Over the years Homayra has been involved in many real estate transactions. These experiences have helped her to develop a customer-oriented buying philosophy that is designed to:

  • Satisfy what you are looking for
  • Purchase your dream home at its best value
  • Educate you during the process
  • Outline and fully understand your specific needs

Homayra's overall goal is to purchase a property for you that will not only give you the peace of mind of a loving home, but exponentially increase in value over the years to maximize your ROI. She will apply her bevy of skills to achieve this end. This is her promise. 

The process of buying a property

  1. Meet with you, listen to you and assess your needs
  2. Create a strategic plan
  3. Get approval from your financial institution and lock-in the lowest interest rate
  4. Find the right home
  5. Make an offer
  6. Negotiate the right price and conditions
  7. Arrange for a home inspection
  8. Connect with an attorney
  9. Do a Title Search and obtain Title Insurance through the attorney
  10. Visit the property before closing
  11. Establish a closing date
  12. Check the entire property thoroughly
  13. Provide you with any other relevant or additional assistance

 As a Real Estate agent, Homayra works with a team of expert professionals who specialize in various services related to Real Estate transactions, including renovators, mortgage brokers, home stagers, home inspectors, lawyers, and home assessment specialists. She would be happy to introduce you to each and every one of them to make the process easier.

Homayra Akbari

Homayra has over 20 years of experience in real estate market.

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Top Real Estate Agent

Homayra’s process for selling and buying is unique and distinct.

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Home Buying / Selling

Home Buying / Selling


Let Homayra get you the most Dollar and Value when it comes selling or buying.

Condo Buying / Selling

Condo Buying / Selling


Condominium lifestyle is on the rise. Homayra has access to VIP packages. Request your package Now

Investment Property

Investment Property


Homayra perfected an Investment Property Buying System that ensures ROI. Book a Free Consultation now.