Meet Homayra

Homayra's process for selling and buying is unique and distinct. Also, she has over 20 years of experience in the real estate market.

About Homayra Akbari

Homarya is a professional Real Estate agent who primarily serves communities in the York region. For more than two decades, she has helped run the successful marketing and branding boutique agency Alive ProStudios, as a partner. The experience has helped her accumulate a plethora of sales and marketing skills that she continues to bring to her real estate career. Since obtaining her real estate license in 2012, Homayra has worked side by side with clients, guiding them every step of the way.

For her, there is nothing more satisfying than the smiling face of a new homeowner or property investor. As the owner and manager of several properties in the GTA, Hamilton, and Collingwood, Homarya brings the same attention to detail to her clients' needs. She can speak fluently and write accurately in English, Farci (Dari), and German. On a more personal note, Homarya is a devoted wife and mother of two wonderful children, Soheil and Salma.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

Homayra's negotiation skills and strategies have proven that a property can be sold at its highest or bought at its lowest market value.

Strategic Thinker And Analytical Researcher 

Homayra implements strategies quickly and efficiently into a workable and results-oriented plan. Her ultimate goal is to maximize your investment over time. Business development is a relatively sophisticated process; it starts with research, analytics, and strategic thinking. Using her business development expertise gained from running her branding agency for over 19 years, she can think strategically while using her networking and negotiation skills. She applies this expertise daily as she strives to understand your needs, analyze your current situation, create a strategic plan to achieve your goals, and execute every step seamlessly to make the whole transaction a rewarding experience.

Her passion for numbers has helped her clients in many ways. There are multiple stages involving number crunching in a real estate transaction – whether you need help with your mortgage, closing costs, monthly payments, interest charges, income analysis, or more. She can help you both understand and use accepted accounting principles to your benefit. With her accounting and managerial expertise, she is capable of saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Personal Project Management

Running her own business has allowed her to develop essential organizational and time-management skills. No two journeys in real estate today are alike. Each entail working with different people and conditions, new numbers, locations, and schedules. To ensure your success, she will manage each project personally, according to your specific needs.

Marketing And Sales Experience 

Marketing process aligned with sales process is vital in the success of each real estate transaction. Homayra's strategic approach, coupled with razor-sharp marketing and advertising campaigns that attract the right audience, generates a buzz that ultimately benefits her clients with maximum profit and tangible values. In this hyper-competitive business environment, alignment of sales and marketing is crucial. It is all about Homayra's effective, smart and strategic marketing and sales initiatives. 

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