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Why Homayra

Your Trusted Real Estate Expert

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, Homayra Akbari stands out as a top-tier broker dedicated to exceeding her clients’ expectations. Here’s what sets her apart:


As a seasoned broker, Homayra brings unparalleled expertise to the table, navigating the complexities of real estate transactions with finesse and precision.

Market Insights

With a deep understanding of market research, Homayra provides valuable insights into local neighborhoods and extends her expertise beyond the Greater Toronto Area.

Skilled Negotiator

Homayra’s negotiation prowess ensures her clients receive the best possible deals, whether buying or selling properties.

Financial Guidance

She goes the extra mile by advising clients on financial readiness, ensuring they are well-prepared for their real estate endeavours.

Client-Centric Approach

Homayra’s commitment to her clients extends far beyond the transaction, providing support throughout the entire process and even after completion.

Repeat Business

Over 90% of Homayra’s clients are repeat customers, a testament to her exceptional service and dedication to client satisfaction.

Referral Network

Her extensive referral network speaks volumes about the trust and confidence her clients have in her abilities.

Proficiency in Transactions

Highly proficient and detail-oriented, Homayra ensures smooth and successful real estate transactions for her clients.

Analytical and Resourceful

Homayra’s analytical nature and problem-solving skills make her adept at navigating challenges and finding solutions.

Construction and Property Research

With expertise in construction, building, and property research, Homayra avoids pitfalls and guides clients towards lucrative investments.

Specialization in Property Investment

Catering to property investors, Homayra possesses the unique skills required to identify and acquire the right properties for investment purposes.

Supportive Team

Backed by a dedicated team of legal experts, mortgage brokers, and contractors, Homayra ensures a seamless experience for her clients.

Excellence in Marketing

Homayra’s comprehensive marketing system showcases properties in their best light, maximizing exposure and attracting qualified buyers.

Dedication and Accessibility

Known for her dedication and hard work, Homayra is always there for her clients, offering support and guidance no matter the situation.

Fun Personality

Despite her professional demeanor, Homayra’s fun personality adds warmth and positivity to every interaction, making the real estate journey enjoyable.

Award-Winning Broker

With numerous awards under her belt, Homayra’s accolades speak volumes about her commitment to excellence and outstanding achievements in the industry.